02 Feb

Barwa Bank Wins 2 Titles at Global Banking & Finance Awards 2017

Barwa Bank has won two esteemed titles at the European magazine Global Banking & Finance Awards 2017 in recognition of its service excellence and innovative efforts in the Islamic banking sector.
The bank was named the ‘Best Shariah-Compliant Bank’ in Qatar, while Barwa Bank Group CEO Khalid Yousef al-Subeai claimed the country’s ‘Best Banking CEO’ title.
Sheikh Mohamed bin Hamad bin Jassim al-Thani, chairman and managing partner of Barwa Bank Group, said: “The “Best Shariah-Compliant Bank in Qatar” award, presented by the European magazine Global Banking & Finance Awards 2017, is an appreciation of our relentless efforts to provide the best services and products in the Islamic banking sector to meet the objectives of a wide range of customers and contribute to the prosperity of the nation’s economy, according to the Islamic principles and industrial practices with the modern standards of conventional banking.  “This prestigious award motivates us to make every effort to further enhance our services and provide innovative finance services and products to meet the needs of our corporate and individual customers.”
Khalid Yousef al-Subeai, acting CEO of Barwa Bank Group, said: “It is our profound pleasure at Barwa Bank to earn the highly-regarded title of the ‘Best Shariah-Compliant Bank’ in Qatar at the prestigious European magazine Global Banking & Finance Awards this year. 
This cherished recognition is a testament to the relentless efforts that Barwa Bank has continued to make this year in the service of its clients and the group, while contributing to the advancement of the Islamic banking sector in the entire region. 
“It is also a well-deserved tribute to the creative minds and dedicated workforce behind Barwa Bank’s success, whose relentless pursuit of excellence and innovative efforts seamlessly bridge Shariah-compliant principles with modern standards of conventional banking for an unmatched customer experience.
 I am also deeply humbled for being named the ‘Best Banking CEO’ in the country, which I can only attribute to the amazing team and hard-working employees of our Group. It is with great honour that we receive these two esteemed titles, which only propels us to take our innovation to the next level and continue to lead our clients’ experience, our banking group, and the industry to new frontiers.”
Barwa Bank brings a wide range of market-leading solutions to banking clients in Qatar, built on visionary strategies. Earning its reputation as the country’s most progressive Shariah-compliant service provider, the bank offers a diverse spectrum of innovative retail, private, corporate banking and investment and real estate finance services to customers who want their money to work hard, without having to compromise on their principles.
The two coveted titles add to a slew of awards and recognitions that Barwa Bank has garnered over the years, including the ‘Best Islamic Services and Products in Qatar’ at the ‘The Arab Banks Awards & Commendations of Excellence 2017’, the ‘Best In-House Marketing and Communication Team’ Award at the International Finance Magazine Awards 2016, and the Best Corporate Bank, Best Retail Bank, and Fastest Growing Bank in Qatar at the Banker Middle East Awards 2015.
This Article was Originally published on http://www.gulf-times.com


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