05 May

H&M Introducing A Modest Fashion Line For Spring

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H&M modest fashion is joining brands like NikeAmerican Eagle, and Macy's and introducing its own collection catering to the modest shopper.

Launching exclusively online on May 3 (with a second drop slated for May 24), LTD Collection is H&M's first designed expressly with modest fashion in mind. The line is heavy on embroidered, flowy pieces such as coordinating tunic and trouser sets and kaftan dresses with shimmery details, all with long sleeves and hems.

Pernilla Wohlfahrt, head of design at H&M, tells Glamour that customer interest in modest dressing had increased in recent years, leading the brand to formally launch a collection dedicated to this consumer: "Today H&M is present in 69 markets, and we want to be diverse and inclusive to all the markets where we operate. We want to be able to offer something for everyone."

LTD Collection is an exclusive collection for spring—hence the name "limited." Women's apparel prices range from $59.99 to $129; accessories will run from $34.99 to $49.99.

Modest dressing isn't entirely new territory for the company. Back in 2015 H&M introduced a campaign starring Mariah Idrissi, a Muslim woman wearing a hijab, a first for the brand and a move that drew a lot of attention. Plus, "we have had modest options in the range in the past and decided for spring to bring together these items under one cohesive collection, for customers interested in modest fashion to easily find and shop these items," Wohlfahrt adds.

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A look from H&M's LTD Collection

LTD Collection "[isn't] necessarily about building on a previous campaign, but more about offering a wide range of styles and choices to a global fashion community," she says. "We have seen a growing interest in modest fashion in general for a long time, and wanted to create this collection as an option to our customers that are interested in modest dressing."

While the line is certain to attract customers who dress modestly for all occasions, Wohlfahrt says that LTD Collection is a viable option for any shopper looking for pieces that fuse conservative silhouettes with H&M's trend-driven aesthetic. "The intention with this collection is to offer fashion for everyone," Wohlfahrt asserts, "no matter what their personal style."

Check out looks from H&M's spring LTD Collection below.

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