12 Dec

OIC Bodies Discuss Issues Facing The Muslim Ummah

The get-together at the organization's headquarters in Jeddah sought solutions to the most pressing issues facing the Muslim world.

JEDDAH: Institutions affiliated with the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) met at its Jeddah headquarters on Monday and Tuesday to discuss the Muslim world’s most pressing issues.

Officials from the Islamic Development Bank, the Islamic Solidarity Fund for Development, the Social Research and Training Center for Islamic Countries (SESRIC) in Ankara, Turkey and the Islamic Committee of the International Crescent in Benghazi, Libya were present at the two-day event.

The 4th Annual Coordination Meeting of OIC Institutions kicked off with discussions on a report submitted by the organization’s humanitarian affairs committee. 

Members evaluated progress on action plans devised last year to tackle political, economic, social and human rights issues. The report also highlighted notable achievements made in 2017 and plans slated for implementation in 2019. 

One such plan is the establishment of an e-portal by the SESRIC, aimed at making information more accessible, according to one SESRIC official.

“The software has been passed on to the OIC’s digital department, which will make our new platform available to all other OIC institutions,” he said.

Discussions on enhancing Islamic social finance, which includes alms and other forms of charity, were also suggested to the Islamic Research and Training Institute and a joint discussion on implementing humanitarian goals under the OIC’s 2025 program is slated to take place, according to event organizers. 

“Refugee-related issues form the core of our mission and we plan on devising a comprehensive program that will address challenges faced by vulnerable groups, including refugees, elderly persons, and women,” said Mahla Talibna, general director of social, cultural and family affairs at the OIC. “We also aim to establish a department devoted exclusively to social affairs.” 

Progress reports will be submitted by all OIC institutions by January 2019. Meanwhile, OIC Secretary-General Dr. Yousuf bin Ahmed Al-Othaimeen will oversee a meeting to be held in March 2019 evaluating the implementation of recommendations put forth by the World Humanitarian Summit. Periodic ad hoc emergency meetings will also be held at SESRIC in Ankara, according to officials, who have pledged to organize high-profile meetings that would gather officials from the world’s most influential centers.

Originally published on www.arabnews.com


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