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Author Guidelines

The Halal Times is a reputed online newspaper covering topics on wider Islamic Economy including Islamic Finance, Muslim fashion, Halal tourism, halal cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, halal certification, OIC economies and Halal industries globally. We welcome articles, news stories, book reviews, and any other related correspondence from policymakers, scholars, and other interested persons.

The Editor-in-Chief
The Halal Times

The length of the article/ news story should range from 300 – 1,000 words including introduction, text, and conclusion. Please include subheadings to highlight substantive divisions within the article/news story in question. The Halal Times will rely on the author to verify facts within the text.

Please edit the article/news story thoroughly by focusing on organization, flow, clarity, consistency, grammar, punctuation, spelling, and style before submitting.

So, do not feel shy, send us any news or information which you think you might be useful for our readers. insha Allah, we will try our best to publish it.  Just fill out the following form to send us the information.

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