‘Halal Kit’ In Market To Test For Pig Content


For those who still have doubts over the halal certification of their food, particularly the presence of pig substances, there actually exists a “Halal Kit”, which allows people to test their food.

This kit, distributed locally, is said to be able to test food products for pig content in a matter of 15 minutes.

According to a report by Sinar Harian yesterday, the “Halal Kit” is one of two available in the market, the other being still developed by University Selangor (Unisel).

The kit by Unisel is said to be able to complete the testing process in just one minute.

Sinar Harian, in its report, quoted the local company’s managing director Abdul Syukor Othman, who said the company began marketing the Russian-made product to the local market two years ago.

He said the product comes with strips and uses the concept of Immunochromatography, done based on the test of proteins, antigens and antibodies.

Abdul Syukor said the kit, which “works almost like a pregnancy kit”, contains antibodies. When combined with the antigens in the food, it creates coloured lines on the strips.

According to him, users simply need to put a food sample into the test tube given, pour some water into it, and shake it before inserting the strip to test the mixture and leave it to sit for 15 minutes.

One line means negative and two means positive for pig content.

Abdul Syukor added that the company also distributes kits that can test for pig fat and blood content in cosmetics, using the same method, the report stated.

He also disputed scepticism by those who may be wondering how accurate the test is compared to lab tests.

He claimed that pork protein mixed in food products can still be traced despite its change in form.

“After all, we have already done tests on the kit’s accuracy before marketing them. Almost 99% of the results were accurate and reliable.”

Checks on the company’s website showed that the company also distributes products such as the Rapid Pork Test (Fat Blood) and Rapid Alcohol Test.

Originally published on http://www.therakyatpost.com